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We are an agile, light-on-our-feet consultancy that engages our experience, education & skills to provide leaders with the information & options to make swift, effective changes to key areas in their business

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Wayne Condon - Managing Partner

Wayne’s experience at board and senior management level coupled with his passion for multi layered businesses helps him to assist clients with the strategic thinking, communication, sales and leaderships skills and practical implementation of techniques critical for success in today’s business environment.


Our consulting work assists organisations in the areas strategy design and execution, sales and customer experience.

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Strategy-to-Performance Gap

We help businesses to close the Strategy-to-Performance Gap.  This means working with clients on designing, communicating and executing the strategy central to their business success. Our work involves understanding the strategic intent and gauging the business capability in order to design and execute a concise strategy that drives competitive advantage and superior profitability.

Grow Revenue

Your business model explains the rationale of how your business creates, delivers and captures value.  We help organisations to review and redesign their business model(s) to generate the greatest return. Over time inefficiencies, distractions and competitive forces stretch and bend your business model out of shape.


Our executive coaching is used by organisations to develop and drive leaders, especially during their transition in a new role.

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Transition Coaching

A unique tailored transition coaching program designed to fast track your new leaders and executives, maximise their impact on the organisation, embed them into the culture and with the team and improve retention.

Executive Coaching

“Ten years ago, most companies engaged a coach to help fix toxic behaviour at the top. Today, most coaching is about developing the capabilities of high-potential performers” (HBR)

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