Executive Coaching

Good leaders are made, not born. The importance of good business leadership is well understood with the observation, “a good leader can make a success of a weak business plan, but a poor leader can ruin even the best plan.” Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, coaching and experience.

Effective leadership requires a thorough and consistent development program. Executive coaching and mentoring is a recognised key tool with a leadership development program. This can come from internal or external sources, both have their pro’s and con’s and both should be part of an organisation’s leadership development program.

Our coaching centres on awareness, choice and action. More than a simple transfer of knowledge and practical implementable tools, this is a shift in understanding and behaviour.

“When you retire, you won’t remember what you did in Q1 or Q2 of this year. You’ll remember how many people you developed – how many you helped have a better career because of your interest and dedication to their development. When you’re confused about how you’re doing as a leader, find out how the people you lead are doing. You’ll know the answer.”


Factors of Leadership

According to the US Military there are four major factors in leadership Leader You must have an honest understanding of who you are, what you know, and what you can do. It is the followers, not the leader or someone else who determines if the leader is successful.  If...

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