Our Consulting Work

We created Converge Consulting because we realised that we could do more for the organisations we were working in from the outside than by staying on the inside.

We are an agile, light-on-our-feet consultancy that engages our collective experience, education and skills to provide CEO’s & Boards with the information and options to make swift, effective changes to key areas in their business – without the delay of reallocating  resources or engaging a large consultancy.

We set out to create a collective of ingenious thinkers sharing a commitment to helping clients meet their goals, building resilient businesses that preempt problems before they occur and seize opportunities as they arise. We have specific expertise and where client’s needs fall outside our core competencies we enable rather than overreach, with key partnerships in place to ensure our clients receive the expertise they require to achieve the outcomes they desire.

Our clients range in sectors and regions and engage us to identify their high value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, transform their businesses and achieve their key financial outcomes.

Seeking to be a critical component of the solution, its impact and opportunities, we excel at creating competitive advantage through organisational specific solutions, objectivity and ‘getting in the trenches’ with our clients.

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