Onboarding Design

Companies with strong onboarding programs see 2.5 times the profit growth and 1.9 times the profit margin than those without^.


What does a successful onboarding process look like? How can onboarding shift from being a check-the-box exercise that spans only the first few weeks to a longer-term, fulfilling experience for both the organisation and the new executive?

In short, onboarding prepares a new leader to adjust to the social, cultural and professional components of the role. Organisations that are not fully defining and maximising their onboarding programs are putting greater strain on their executives and the business as a whole.

As part of our expertise in the area of leadership transitions, we offer onboarding design consulting to organisations who are interested in improving the onboarding experience and effectiveness of leaders joining their organisation outside as well as for leaders being promoted from within (inboarding).

Executive onboarding is the formal process of getting new leaders adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their new roles quickly and efficiently. It is the process through which new leaders learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to perform effectively within an organisation. The greater the degree that organisations can effectively onbooard new leaders into the organisation and prepare them for their new roles, the faster they will be able to successfully contribute to the organisation. While all employees experience some type of orientation, the level required for the leaders in your business is significantly different.

^Boston Consulting Group Study

What is HR’s Role in a New Leader’s Success?

New executives and leaders often struggle with the transition to a new role, especially ones that are hired externally.  In many organisations HR is responsible for recruitment, on-boarding and induction of new staff.  Whilst there can be a blurred line between HR and...

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