Close the Strategy-to-Performance Gap

We help businesses to close the Strategy-to-Performance Gap.  This means working with clients on designing, communicating and executing the strategy central to their business success. Our work involves understanding the strategic intent and gauging the business capability in order to design and execute a concise strategy that drives competitive advantage and superior profitability.

In addition to our experience in senior roles and working with boards in and around strategy, one of our principals is completing doctoral research centred on ‘why business strategy fails’.

This adds considerable depth to our understanding and a significant safe-guard for our clients.  All of our strategy work in organisations leverages this understanding to identify and avoid the common fail or weak points within particularly strategies and in specific industries / organisations.

Our work in strategy with our clients generally takes one of three forms.  The end result is the same, a concise strategy that drives competitive advantage and success.

  1. This can be delivered in a consulting methodology where we conduct a review of your business working with key stakeholders plus comprehensive research of business and literature domestically and internationally and then complete a strategic plan that is delivered back to the business.
  2. Alternatively it can be delivered in a coaching methodology where we work with the senior management to work up the strategic plan by coaching them through the process and concepts to arrive at point where the plan is comprehensive with a high level of ownership from the senior management team.
  3. Finally we can facilitate a strategic planning workshop / retreat, guiding your management team through the process but allowing them to formulate the strategy.  The key benefit here is that we are able to keep the process on track and alert the participants to potential gaps and risks as they work towards their strategy.

Your Employees Don’t Care about Your Strategy

I had a discussion with a colleague about my research topic and his view was that I was wasting my time. Not the first person to say that by the way. However his reason related to his view that employees don’t care about the business’ strategy so trying to measure...

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Strategy = How

We are all using the same words but we mean so many different things. This comes up frequently in my research, my general discussions about my research and in my consulting work. Whilst I have already written that at the heart of this issue is not the particular...

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Can you say what your strategy is?

One of the more provoking articles in my study is Collis & Rukstad (2008) “Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?” which was published in the HBR. It is provoking because as a CEO it really challenges you to be able articulate your organisation’s strategy. It also drives home the reality that in many organisations the people charged with executing the strategy do not have a ‘clear line of sight’ in terms of understanding how to do their jobs within the strategy.

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