First Quarter is an executive transition coaching framework that works with new leaders in their first quarter of a new role. Working with both external hires and internal promotees we drive winning outcomes for each newly appointed leader, which has a flow on effect to their team, division and organisation. First Quarter’s unique methodology and systems optimises each new executive’s own abilities, enabling them to confidently tackle and overcome the distinctive challenges inherent in the first quarter of new leadership roles.

The first quarter is the best time to invest in your new leaders with transition coaching. Failure to establish credibility and establish momentum in the first quarter virtually guarantees an uphill battle for the remainder of an executive’s tenure.

The framework was developed after years of executive coaching and research best practice methods from around the globe specifically working to accelerate a new executive’s transition into a new organisation. The First Quarter transition coaching framework effectively balances between senior level frameworks that have been proven to work across different industries with the flexibility to adapt to the individual executive’s coaching requirements.

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